Chara Vacations

Chara Vacations

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May 7th thru 11th, 5 full days

On a Beautiful Luxury Estate Near Hakalau, Big Island Hawaii

All Inclusive: 

  • meals: organic, whole food, vegetarian, gluten-free, nutrient-dense
  • luxury on-site accomodations
  • to/from airport rides (Hilo: ITO)
  • massage & acupuncture treatments
  • personalized health coaching & exericise programs
  • educational group workshops
  • outdoor adventures & lots of fun

Here's what you get!

  • Five nights stay in a luxury room on a beautiful secluded property with an outdoor jacuzzi, open-air yoga stuido, and walk to private swimming stream
  • Organic gourmet: vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and nutrient-dense, as well as availability to herbal tonics, teas & juice elixirs
  • Daily kundalini and/or hatha yoga classes
  • One massage and/or acupuncture treatment
  • Personalized health coaching
  • Other classes & educational workshops

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At Chara Vacations (khar-ah), we recognize that in order to achieve optimal health, we must achieve happiness on all levels. We'll put happiness on the back-burner as we incorporate and focus on food, exercise and mindset, but once learned how to live this lifestyle, happiness, or Chara becomes inevitable and effortless. 

Want to see more? Please view the Chara Vacations Sample Day Plan and Chara Vacations Sample Menu Plan

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